Client Services

Client Services

At T.W. Clark, we believe each project provides opportunities for our company to learn and grow. No two construction jobs are alike – each presents distinct challenges just as each group of owners, architects, construction management and sub contractors creates a unique team.

In ten years and dozens of construction projects, T. W. Clark has amassed valuable experience, mastered the importance of communicating with our clients and recruited one of the best office and field teams in the business. We relish the challenges and opportunities inherent in each project and we are proud to say we are constantly learning.

For instance, we have learned:

  • That site visits to other projects are a valuable way for the client to establish and communicate their expectations. Together we are able to set bench marks that ensure the budget is followed, the schedule is met and the client is satisfied with the finished project
  • How important it is that the client understands the value of keeping project design and development on schedule. Late-breaking design decisions prevent us from exploring cost effective solutions and nearly always cause schedule delays.
  • The significance of selecting a flexible design that can increase or decrease as the budget dictates. Sometimes simply eliminating an unnecessary room can keep the project within budget.

Repeat customers are the best endorsement, and T.W. Clark is proud to report that a significant percentage of our clients return to us for subsequent jobs. Our one-year warranty ensures unsurpassed post-construction services and our commitment to customer satisfaction means if problems arise after the project is completed, we return to solve them.


Our highly-qualified professionals work as a team from the planning process through implementation, completion and follow-up, making sure the client’s needs are met and the budget and timeline are followed.


During the pre-construction phase, T. W. Clark learns all we can about your vision, needs and budget considerations. Through an initial workshop, the project team reviews the program site, building issues, cost data and other pertinent information so we can establish a timeline, procedures, and reporting programs that ensure your satisfaction. T.W. Clark keeps the big picture, your picture, in mind at all times.

The T.W. Clark communication plan is one of the foundations of our success and is an integral component of the construction phase. Throughout the process, we initiate communication, respond rapidly and maintain a spirit of trust, openness and give-and-take.

Reports, emails, logs and frequent updates ensure that the client knows exactly what is happening with their project. Our computerized scheduling system holds all parties involved to timelines and a decision-maker is always available to answer questions or troubleshoot. Ongoing review with the architectural team, the owners, and if appropriate, the tenants, keeps the project on track and headed toward success.

While T.W. Clark believes flexibility is important in the design/build process, we also believe that adhering to the project schedule helps minimize stress as well as saving time and money. Regular construction review and communication increases efficiency and the long-term economy of the facility.


Because T. W. Clark utilizes high-standard components and materials and hires skilled craftsmen, we maintain excellent standards of efficiency and economy.


Here at T.W. Clark Construction, we are all about customer satisfaction and communication!

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